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Dieffe was born in 1998 when the particular demand of majolica for storage stoves drove the owners to start this special business. It was a very specific and definitely a niche sector, and this was a further incentive to learn and study the secrets of an absolutely ancient craft.

Taking the first steps guided by the uncle’s experience and artistic talent, the two partners have developed through the years necessary skills and knowledge to offer a quality product.

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Stube or storage stove.
Majolica stove has currently regained its value of foundamental source of heat in the centre of the house when after the coming of fossil fuels such as gas oil and methane gas it seemed for a while to have settled down its epoch.
Today more than ever this kind of heating is proven on the contrary to be the cheapest, healthiest and with high performance one.



Our work, majolica manufacturing, is among all that one that exploits at best the raw material it uses.
Clay is actually a plastic material that is modeled and when the working process is ended it gains a value that emphasizes the expression of the worker.
The majolica production cycle lasts about 4 days, it is laborious and it follows the following phases...



A majolica becomes a special piece for real when an inspired artist’s hand creates through a decoration a unique work with its own identity.
This is what we do when a customer asks us for a decorated stove, we make it a unique and personal piece, that tells something about the person through the decorated olé, the drawings, the colours.


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Special pieces

The other type of product that dieffe is today able to offer was born a few years ago with the creation and the massive diffusion of pellet stoves. In collaboration with and on specific requests of our customers we have started the production of majolica special...



In our showroom we offer a wide range of wood and pellet stoves meeting the various heating requirements of the house. With our experience we help people with the most suitable choice for individual requirements, suggesting absolute high quality stoves strictly made in Italy.



We are delighted to introduce our D-REX, our new product to coat combustion chambers of pellet stoves, wood stoves and fireplaces. After two years of testing, we obtained the product as we had imagined: white, compact and durable. Resistant to the very high temperatures...



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