We are delighted to introduce our D-REX, our new product to coat combustion chambers of pellet stoves, wood stoves and fireplaces.

After two years of testing, we obtained the product as we had imagined: white, compact and durable.

Resistant to the very high temperatures of the combustion chamber and with great mechanical shock resistance.

In fact, other commercially available materials, such as vermiculite, do not resist for a long time to the temperature fluctuations and shocks when the wood burns into the combustion chamber.

To overcome this we have studied a more robust material and therefore less likely to breaking down and wear.

The D-REX is a reflective refractory material that allows to increase the efficiency of combustion by greatly reducing the heat dispersions.

It also has a very high resistance to temperature difference .

In addition to the necessary and important mechanical and physical features, we have also given importance to the aesthetic aspect, so we wanted color white for D-REX , which is more appreciated both in focus and on fire.