Dieffe was born in 1998 when the particular demand of majolica for storage stoves drove the owners to start this special business. It was a very specific and definitely a niche sector, and this was a further incentive to learn and study the secrets of an absolutely ancient craft.

Taking the first steps guided by the uncle’s experience and artistic talent, the two partners have developed through the years necessary skills and knowledge to offer a quality product.

Today Dieffe represents one of the youngest realities in the sector that is able to compete with the most historic majolica’s producers on the market. The constant growth of the last years brought the company to offer a wide range of “ole” for the covering of the storage stoves, also called stube, joining in a second time for the market demands a production of unique pieces used for the covering of wood stoves and pellet stoves.

The storage stove maintains in any case an important role in Dieffe production but above all in the ancient culture of healthy and natural heating. Its value goes back to an ancient tradition that has created in this unique object a high performance heating function, energy saving and aesthetic ornament.