A majolica becomes a special piece for real when an inspired artist’s hand creates through a decoration a unique work with its own identity.
This is what we do when a customer asks us for a decorated stove, we make it a unique and personal piece, that tells something about the person through the decorated olé, the drawings, the colours.
The handmade decorations of stoves is a really ancient activity that has developed through times and has accompanied the evolution of the stove itself.
Once in the stove there was impressed the emblem of the family and very often through the decorated tiles stories and events were telled.
Ancient stoves have therefore been valuable historical testimonies from which posterity has gained important information about noble families and much more, as a matter of fact majolica stoves were in the rooms of any social level.
Today, as in the past, the decorated stove becomes the undisputed protagonist of the room that hosts it, warms up spreading an embracing heat and giving an exciting pleasure at sight.