Majolica stove has currently regained its value of foundamental source of heat in the centre of the house, when after the coming of fossil fuels such as gas oil and methane gas it seemed for a while to have settled down its epoch.
Today more than ever this kind of heating is proven on the contrary to be the cheapest, healthiest and with high performance one.

From classic style…to modern style…the warmth of stube remain of a unique style

This stove is not only a heat accumulator, but it is the expression of a life style that has in itself values such as wellbeing and naturalness. The ceramic stove in the centre of the house offers the ideal preconditions to realize a welcoming atmosphere and sums up in this unique element five important features:

– A healthy and comfortable indoor climate
– An ecological choice
– An absolutely personal aesthetic choice
– Savings on the costs
– Guarantee of a stove repairer master

How does it work?

It consists, in its core, of a combustion chamber made of refractory bricks, to which smoke spins made of refractory material too are connected.
The refractory block is heated by combustion of the wood and this is due to the fact that smokes flow through the ducts and the heat is transferred to the refractory material; this process accumulates heat, it transfers it to the outer majolica that in turn spreads it to the surroundings.
With a combustion lasting about 45 minutes and thanks to the hermetic sealing of the combustion chamber, in which the embers are kept, the ceramic stove can heat a room for over 20 hours.
The purpose of every form of heating must be to realize best conditions for people’s health, wellbeing and comfort.
The heat that is spread from the majolica stove is perceived as very pleasant due to its high percentage of radiation. Radiated heat is already considered as the healthiest source of heat and can be compared to solar radiation.
Radiated heat warms up not only the air of the surroundings, but also the objects that are in it (for example the wall, furniture, etc..). These objects return the heat to air of the ambience.
In addition, the ceramic stove warms up uniformly the environment and it does not produce, as is the case for instance of convection heating, areas with different temperatures.

Ecological advantages

Ceramic stove represents an ecological heating system that reaches very low emission values when it is based on certain technical rules and using wood as fuel. Every production of energy has consequences on the environment, we must recognize however which one harms our environment less. With an optimal combustion of wood the carbon dioxide component in the air does not increase, therefore the greenhouse effect is not increased, as on the contrary happens in case of gas, diesel and coal combustion.

A guarantee of a stove repairer master

From the performance of a majolica stove, it recognizes the ability of a stove repairer master, but also the diligence of those who use it. Actually, apart from the heat lost by the forced craft, no other energy losses occur except for non-conforming power and consequent bad combustion.
Majolica stoves is not an improvised product: each stove must be technically, stylistically and economically suitable for the ambience in which it has to be inserted. This is the task of the experts, that is, the stove repairer masters.
Another important aspect is the estimate of the thermal requirement that determines the size and the internal construction of the ceramic stove. A stove repairer will design the stove in a way that permits to achieve maximum efficiency with less energy use. Also for aesthetic creation ( design, colour, tiles) the stove repairer is the best person to provide important suggestions for a satisfactory solution.
Each majolica stove is designed and built only by a stove repairer master, it is therefore very important to check that the chosen repairer is competent and qualified.